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32 Freeland – Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to The Rentals at 32 Freeland Street

NOTE: This package is to be used as a general overview & guideline and is subject to change.

In an effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible, we are pleased to offer the following information

and advice:

The Management Office is located at:

1 Yonge St Suite 600

Toronto, Ontario M5E 1E5

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 pm  |  Saturday & Sunday Closed

*All meetings at the Management Office, to be by appointment only.


For all inquiries, including maintenance & repair request, general questions & request, questions or concerns regarding the building, policies and procedures, please email:

  1. Building Entry

The Suite Fob’s will be given to each Tenant upon your move-in and is free of cost. You will be provided 1 fob for the number of people that are 17 or older & listed on your Lease Agreement. The Suite Fob Replacement cost is $150.00

*Tenants must provide photo ID in order to receive their Suite Fobs.


  1. Condominium Restrictions & Amenities

32 Freeland is completely separate from the condominium & residents located at 28 Freeland Street. The two properties have separate main entrances and separate amenities. The Tenants of 32 Freeland do not have access to 28 Freeland’s lobbies or amenities and vice versa. Please avoid entering the Lobby of 28 Freeland St for any reason to avoid confusion. The security and concierge will not be able to assist you in any way.

When the private amenities at 32 Freeland Street are available for use, all details will be provided to the tenants.

**Any damage to the Amenities caused by willful neglect will be the responsibility of the Tenant. Please be respectful when using all amenities. The amenities are a privilege to use for you and your fellow tenants. Let’s all work together to keep this a clean, functioning neighborhood!

  1. Bicycle Storage Room

There is an indoor bicycle storage room located in P1. To gain access, you must email 32 Freeland Property Management requesting access ( Upon approval, your Suite Fob will be activated to access the bicycle storage room. Full rules and regulations regarding the Bicycle Storage Room will be provided upon approval of your request.

  1. Mailboxes

Each suite is provided with 1 mailbox key upon move-in. If you require a new key, you must contact Canada Post directly and you will be responsible for the fee. Mailboxes are located at the main entrance of the building, directly in front of the elevators. Please make arrangements with Canada Post to change your address prior to your move in or move out. Your mail is currently being delivered to a near by address until Canada Post has completed setting up the new address – see notice posted on the Mailboxes for further details.

  1. Garbage & Recycling

Garbage/Recycle/Organic Waste Disposal – garbage chute rooms are located on each floor and will be accessible using your Suite Fobs. As a courtesy to your fellow residents, especially those living by the chute rooms, we kindly request your co-operation to not leave any items inside of the chute room and to only dispose of your matter between the hours of 8am-10pm daily. This is also for fire safety reasons.


Bulk Garbage

For all bulk garbage there is a garbage bin located on the P2 level. To access the bin, please follow these directions: From the main elevators at 32 Freeland Street, go to P2 (your fobs are now activated to access P2) exit the elevator lobby on P2 then proceed to follow the signs that’s read “32 Freeland Garbage”. Should this process change in the future, all tenants will be notified.

  1. Dishwasher and Washer

There is a water supply valve underneath your sink that connects to the Dishwasher. If your Dishwasher is not producing water, ensure the valve is switched ON. Same goes for the Washing Machine, there are two valves in the Washer & Dryer closet, one valve is for the water supply and one is for the drain. Ensure both are switched ON to operate the Washing Machine properly.

  1. Tenant and Visitor Parking

Please contact Bay Street Management Inc for all information, rates and availability regarding on site Parking.


Bay Street Management Inc.

Tel: 416-994-3946


  1. Maintenance & Repairs

Should you encounter any difficulties in your suite including plumbing, electrical, appliances, fixtures, heating, etc., please email the main Property Management address at; Include your name, your unit #, the issue you are experiencing and as many details as possible.

Note: The Property Management Team is currently putting together a Tenant Portal which will include an online Maintenance Request Form which will be sent to all Tenants upon completion.

  1. After-hour Emergencies

For after hour emergencies call (416) 994-3946.

Thank you and we wish you a happy and safe move-in. Welcome to 32 Freeland!

32 Freeland, Property Management

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